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Movie Breakdown: "Wonder Woman" Becomes Highest Grossing Female Directed Live Action Film

The huge success 'Wonder Woman' is for DC and Warner Brothers just added another accolade to its name.

'Wonder Woman' isn't just a blockbuster, it became the first of DC's critically acclaimed movies and now, it is, officially, the highest grossing female directed live action film.

Even though it's a shame that gender distinctions are made when these type of achievements are earned, it's definetely a solid step toward change in gender bias. This means Hollywood can start to realize men and women can equally direct and produce critical and box office hits, like 'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins did.

As of Thursday, the film surpassed  the $609.8 million mark previously set by 'Mamma Mia', thus earning the previously mentioned title.

It is amazing how one movie can start a change, especially when it comes to big issues like gender bias in Hollywood. Congratulations.

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